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Style Wars -1983, 70 mins. region 1 
Filmed in New York in 1982, when hip hop was still in its infancy, STYLE WARS documents a number of young graffiti artists who were transforming the city with their unique art. These artists created a new visual language that was borne out of the hip hop subculture and, using the city's dilapidated subway system as a canvas, let the rest of New York know about it. Unfortunately, graffiti meant vandalism to Mayor Ed Koch, the NYPD, and the MTA, all of whom did their best to oppose the burgeoning movement.  $25.99
Bomb It -2008, 93 mins.  region 1 -  watch  trailer
This documentary by award winning director Jon Reiss, traces the graffiti arts movement back to paintings by Picasso and on through the 1970s in New York City. BOMB IT combines footage of artists at work and pieces in shot Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, Cape Town, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Tijuana. Artists featured are favorite old school legends and currently well known artists (in alphabetical order): Chino, Cope2, Cornbread, KET, Mear One, Os Gemeos, Revok, Revs, Shepard Fairey, Stay High 149, T-Kid, Taki 183, and Zephyr. $21.99
Piece by Piece -2006, 78 trailer
A documentary four years in the making based in San Francisco's last 20 years of graffiti history.  More than 100 hours of footage and interviews have been edited into this film with stories from graffiti writers, police personnel, and the San Franciscan's who have witnessed this art form.$25.99
Just for Kicks - 2006, 81 mins. region 1 -  watch trailer
Just for Kicks  is the first documentary to showcase Hip-Hop's obsession with sneakers revealing the cultural influences behind this phenomenon. With a perspective from the ground up Hip-Hop superstar athletes brand gurus and compulsive collectors share why athletic footwear has left the sports arena to become the most important fashion accessory of the last three decades generating more than $30 billion each year. $11.99
Wild Style 25th Anniversary Edition - 2007(orginally released in 1982) 145 mins  region 1 - watch trailer
The 25th Anniversary of Wild Style offers this Special Edition DVD of the first original hip hop movie with new bonus extras. Wild Style was filmed on location in the South Bronx without permits or pretensions. Boasting an amazing cast of hip hop pioneers such as Grand Master Flash, The Chief Rocker, Busy Bee, The Cold Crush, and the well known Rock Steady Crew. Wild Style tells the story of an outlaw artist, Zoro (played by legendary writer LEE Quinones) in a subway art romance with Ladybug, (played by legendary writer Sandra PINK Fabara). Fab 5 Freddy plays the smooth impressario PHADE. From the train yard scenes to the basketball musical from the hip hop clubs to the climax at the greatest outdoor jam in history Wild Style has proven itself to be the ultimate hip hop classic.
Tats Cru: The Mural Kings 81 mins. region 1 watch trailer
The film follows the world famous TATS CRU as they produce their mural for the Graffiti Hall Of Fame in Harlem and prepare to uphold their title of "The Mural Kings." Inter-cut with interviews detailing the journey that started 25 years ago as three Bronx teenagers began their artistic careers by creating subway graffiti. The DVD features rare archival footage never before seen photographs a behind the scenes look at the mural production process process the graffiti campaignms for artists Fat Joe Big Pun Nelly JLo Missy Elliot along with exclusive interviews 
Infamy - 2006 91 mins. region 1 
Take an intense journey into the dangerous lives and obsessed minds of six of America's most prolific graffiti artists. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Doug Pray (Hype! and Scratch) who teamed up with writer publisher and graffiti guru Roger Gastman the movie takes you deep into the world of street legends Saber Toomer Jase Claw Earsnot and Enem. With brutal honesty humor and charisma these artists reveal why they are so willing to risk everything to spray paint their cities with "tags" "throwups" and full-color murals. You'll also meet Joe "The Graffiti Guerilla" Connolly a notorious "buffer" who paints out graffiti on his neighborhood's walls with a vengeance matched only by those who vandalized them. From the streets of the South Bronx to the solitude of a San Francisco tunnel from high atop a Hollywood billboard to North Philadelphia for a lesson in "Philly-style tags" from the Mexican border to a Cleveland train yard Infamy doesn't analyze or glorify graffiti... it takes you there and brings it to life $13.99


Where'd You Get Those  By:  Bobbito Garcia   2006,  280 pgs    (Paperback) 
Do you know how the sneaker gained it's popularity?  Bobbito Garcia, is a DJ, a VIBE columnist, and the host of ESPN2's "It's the Shoes".  In this book he examines about 400 models released between the 1970's and early 80's.  You are given an inside look at how basketball players, graffiti artists, break-dancers, and rap artist not only enjoy the styles and wearing them but have devised different lacing patterns and have colored and even customized the shoes.    There are over 500 photographs with information on each model  including the color combinations, athletic endorsements, and their nicknames.  This is the tell all book on how the gym or sports shoe turned into a must have in fashion. $26.99

Sneakers: The Complete Collector's Guide  By:  Unorthodox Styles    2005, 256 pgs  (Hardcover)
We all love to wear sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, baskets, or whatever it is you can call them.  We love the style, the colors, and the cool add-ons.  This shoe has gone from just sports attire to an everyday fashionable must have. This book may be considered an encyclopedia of at least 180 sneaker designs that have made a mark on the sneaker culture worldwide.  You are enticed with more than 500 color photographs of brands like Converse All Star to the latest Nike Air.  For the hard-core sneaker freak you will find forgotten styles like the Ewing Reflective and the histories of leading brands such as Adidas and Vans; tips on building and caring for a collection; a fully illustrated glossary and chronology; and a directory of shops, resources, and websites. $24.99

Wall and Piece  By:  Banksy  2007, 192 pgs    (Paperback)
Banksy, an anonymous but very well known British graffiti artist has appropiately been called the "guerilla" street artist.  His unique style consists of graffiti and stenciling which he adopted from the 1970's artist Blek le Rat.  His art has no limits in geography nor establishment.  Banksy has appeared all over the the streets, walls, and bridges of the world. Four of New York's major art museums were surprised to find that his pieces had been smuggled and hung in their galleries by Banksy himself.   London's Tate Gallery and Israel's West Bank barrier have been adorned with satirical images. Banksy prefers to have his identity remain a secret but his prints have sold for as much as $45,000.  Banksy's art is composed of entertaining images of animals, policemen, soldiers, children, and the elderly; with messages against war, capitalism, and the establishment.  His complexity will makes you wonder; is he a political activist, an inspired artist, an after hours graffiti artist, or just plain genius?  You can also see his art at  $19.99

Stencil Pirates      By:  Josh MacPhee  2004, 180 pgs    (Paperback)
Stencils are an easy and inexpensive to use in reproducing your image over and over again.  You can use them anywhere from a canvas,  a piece of paper or to walls.  This is the first book dedicated to stencil street art. Included are artist profiles, an in-depth history of stencil graffiti, its political context, and how stencils fit into the larger pantheon of street expression. Provided is a detailed “how-to” manual with designing, cutting, and painting tips from the artists, as well as 20 perforated cardstock stencil templates for readers who can’t wait to hit the streets.$17.99

Subway Art      By:  Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant   1984,  104 pgs  (Paperback)
Subway Art is consider the most influential book on graffiti art ever.  Its photographs became the inspiration and building blocks for graffiti artists in all corners of the earth. Artist,  who before this book, only seen New York graffiti in black & white news paper articles or short tv clips.  Subway art includes works by  many  well known graffiti masters  such as Dondi ,  Lady Pink, Blade, Seen, Zephyr, Kase 2, and Sonic. $19.99 

Limited Edition: Art and Design of Gama-Go  By:  Greg Long, Chris Edmundson, and Tim Biskup   2007, 402 pgs   (hardcover)
Gama-Go was started by Greg Long and Chris Edmundson in their garage where they would silk screen t-shirts with designs from their friends.  They were later joined by Tim Biskup an up and coming artist who helped take this from a hobby to a business.  Now available in over 250 stores in the U.S. and worldwide carry their line of limited edition bags, pillows, clocks, clothes, pajamas, toys, and even stationery.  This book has a catalog of 400 pages of all Gama-Go's designs from the past six years.  Since all their designs are limited editions you will find the images of these along with very rare early designs.  $21.99

Toys: MTV Overground 3    By:  Jim Crawford and Gregory Blum  2006, 218 pgs  (Paperback)
Who says only children have toys? It all started in 1997 when Michael Lau exhibited a customized hip-hop G.I. Joe in Hong Kong's toy show.  Artists from Hong Kong and Japan soon followed and have invaded Europe and the US with all sorts of collectible figures.  This is the third of MTV Books "Overground" series.  Each page features interviews and photos of vinyls by more than 100 top artists and designers whom have made toy culture history. $19.99

Freight Train Graffiti       By:  Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland, and Ian Sattler 2006, 352 pgs (paperback)
This books goes into depth on the true history of railroad train graffiti in the US and around the world.  Originally, railroad worker to railroad worker and hobos hitching a ride would write messages to each other called "monikers".  You are given a history on how the writing went from informative to huge colorful pieces.  There are 1000 full color illustrations with interviews of more than 125 train "artists and writers". $26.99

***To keep your interest, book selection will change every month***


New York Outline / New York Skinny
Use for: outlining, fill in shapes and lines.
use with: Krylon, Montana, rustoleum

25 caps $2.99

50 caps $4.99

100 caps $7.99

New York Fat / softballs
Use for: fill in large areas, throw ups, flares
use with: Krylon, Belton, Spanish Montana 

25 caps $2.99

50 caps $4.99

100 caps $7.99

Rusto Fat
use for: fill in large areas, throw ups
use with: Krylon, Spanish Montana and Rustoleum

25 caps $2.99

50 caps $4.99
100 caps $7.99
German Outline / skinny banana 

use for: fine outlines, fine details
use with: Belton, Krylon, Montana and Molotow

12 caps $3.99
25 caps $6.99
50 caps $12.99
German Fat / Orange Dot

use for: extra large fill in areas, backgrounds 
use with: Belton, Krylon, Montana,  Rustoleum

12 caps $3.99
25 caps $6.99
50 caps $12.99
Calligraphy / Fan / Transversal
use for: sprays in a rectangle instead of circle. fill in large square areas , fading/blending colors.
 fading use with:
Krylon, Montana, Belton, Rustoleum
12 caps $3.99
25 caps $6.99
50 caps $12.99
Mixed sets Mixed pack #1 (37 caps)
10 New York outlines
10 New York fats
05 Rusto fats
05 German outlines
05 German fats
02 Calligraphy caps
Mixed pack #2 (100caps)
40 New York outlines
40 New York fats
20 Rusto fats
Mixed pack #4(50caps)
20 German outlines
20 German fats
10 Calligraphy caps
Mixed pack #4 (450caps) 
100 New York outlines
100 New York fats
100 Rusto fats
50 German outlines
50 German fats
50 Calligraphy caps


X2 Project Graffiti Magazine, yep we got it!!!  Take advantage of the fact that we are one of the few that carry this very sought after magazine.  

X2 Project Aerosol Art Magazine 1  - 24 pages full color
This is the first all graffiti art magazine to be released in full color, X2 Project issue #1 brings you 24 pages of  lots high quality pictures from all over the world. Photographs are divided into sections that includes productions, pieces characters, and train & freights sections.


X2 Project Aerosol Art Magazine 2 - 28 pages full color
Don't let the size fool you is another graffiti packed issue full of great graffiti pictures and almost no ads. While most graffiti art magazines bring you tons of pages ads and non related stuff X2 Project delivers over 167 pictures of pieces, productions, freights, trains, and sketches. Along with web links and  interviews with  FX crew's  Per and T-Kid.

X2 Project Aerosol Art Magazine 3 - 32 pages full color
Issue # 3 is the final issue of this well structure magazine that brings together high quality graffiti art pictures from different parts of the world.  This issue Contains over 200 pictures of pieces, digital sketches, stickers,  productions, street bombing, freights, trains, end-to-end freights,  and black books.

*** Please note that www. and the mailing address in the magazine are no longer in existence.  Urban Arts Magazine now owns the rights and is able to answer any wholesale questions.  Submit all inquiries to or our mailing address:   Urban Arts Magazine, 9737 NW 41 St, #476, Doral, FL 33178***



7 inch Munny comes with "Hi My Name Is" label and 3 additional mystery accessories 


Customized Belt Buckles
We customize these name belt buckles especially for you! Put your Any  name you want.
  • Belt buckles can include A-Z letters and 0-9 numbers or a combination of both!
  • Up to 8 characters
  • Belt not included.
  • Please allow 7 business days for delivery.



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Opus Denali Inc
9737 N.W. 41 ST. STE # 476
Doral, FL. 33178

 Checks and money orders must be made to OPUS DENALI INC.  Shipping with in the US is as follows: $1 per item for caps, magazines, and dvds   $2 per item for books and novelty items.  Checks must clear before order is shipped out. All Florida sales must 7% for sales tax. NO credit cards accepted for mail orders.