Classic New York Mop Marker (empty)
This refillable mop marker  is made of high quality, plastic and tough 1 inch round foam nib. It holds 4 oz of your favorite ink (not included). Pump by pushing against a hard surface to feed the nib more ink for a nice drippy effect. 

Slim New York Mop Marker (empty)
This is the slimmer version of the Classic New York Mop. It holds 3 oz of ink .Pump by pushing against a hard surface to feed the nib more ink for a nice drippy effect. 

50 mm Ultra wide Pump Marker (empty)
Pump by pushing against a hard surface to control to feed ink to the nib this is one of the widest markers you can fine in the market right now. with a 50 mm rectangular nib it is great for calligraphy effect on tags. Comes empty 

Small Mop Marker (empty)
Small mop markers are similar to Krink squeezable markers with a lesser quality nib. You can fill them up with up to 2 oz of your favorite ink (not included). Each marker is about 4 inches tall so, they can easily be concealed in your pocket. Give it a soft squeeze to make a dripping effect. 

Sakura Solid Marker 
Sakura Solid markers feel like an oversized crayon that dries solid tough. Will paint over almost any material iron glass, iron, concrete, metal, even on wet surfaces. Once dry it will not fade even under direct sunlight.


Jumbo Pilot Refillable Broad tip Marker
Jumbo Pilot refillable broad tip markers are one of the most recognizable markers in the graffiti scene. Like Sakuras, they are imported from Japan and come with a hard staining in and a 10 mm chisel tip. Ink will not fade with time like Sanford or Mark-a-lot markers of similar size. Choose from 4 different colors: "black, blue, red, and green. 


Krink Squeezable Marker Model k-60
Krink K-60 squeezable Markers are specially design for street mop tags. Each little bottle holds 2 ounces of high quality ink  pigment with hard staining power. Control paint flow by squeezing bottle and increasing ink flow to its tough round nib. K-60 are currently available in stock : Silver, Green, Purple, Blue, and Orange


Fine Point Silver Sharpie Marker (two pack)
This a great marker to keep with you at all times. Unlike most silver ink markers you don't have to shake them or pump the tip in order to get them to work. Sliver sharpies ink is specially formulated to just flow like any other sharpie marker. The are also great for adding outer outline to black book pieces too.

X2 Project Graffiti Art Magazine Issue #2

28 pgs Don't let the size fool you is another graffiti packed issue full of great graffiti pictures and almost no ads. While most graffiti art magazines bring you tons of pages ads and non related stuff X2 Project delivers over 167 pictures of pieces, productions, freights, trains, and sketches. Along with web links and  interviews with  FX crew's  Per and T-Kid.

The Freshest Kids - 2002 94 Mins

Breaking... Born at Kool D.J. Herc's House parties in the early '70s, catapulted to a worldwide phenomenon in the '80s, and now experiencing its latest gravity-defying incarnation as a thriving underground movement, "The Freshest Kids" brings to you the illest B-Boying this planet has ever witnessed. Over two hours of hardcore breaking gives you an all-access pass to the underground world of B-Boys spanning the last 25+ years. See and hear the early history via rare archival footage and exclusive interviews with The Nigga Twins, Spy (the man with 1000 moves), Rock Steady Crew icons Crazy Legs and Ken Swift, The New York City Breakers, Mr. Wiggles, Styelements and the world's most innovative B-boys of the next generation along with hip-hop legends Kool D.J. Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One, Mos Def and many more as they come together to reveal for the first time the most comprehensive history of B-Boying, its evolution and its place within hip-hop culture and beyond. These are The Freshest Kids and this is their story!

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