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How & Nosm: The Brazil Diaries
The Perre twins aka How&Nosm are European graffiti artists and professional muralists residing in New York. There has been much interest in their new work. In times when a multitude of colors, techniques and effects tend to overcompensate for style, How&Nosm take the opposite approach. With a limited color pallet in hand, the brothers create eye-catching murals laced with social commentary. Their signature 'black, white and red' intricate patterns, stark line work and stylized forms allow the clarity of the message conveyed come to the fore. How&Nosm - The Brazil Diaries is an intimate look at their art explorations in Brazil.
Exit Through The Giftshop
This documentary follows life of an eccentric shopkeeper (aka Brainwash)  turned amateur filmmaker, turned successful gallery artist rise to fame. You get never seen before  footage by renown street artists Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Space Invader.  
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Subway Art book 25 Year Anniversary Edition
This is huge a book 16.8x11.5x0.7 with large blow up of the most popular pictures of the original book and 70 extra photographs. 


100 caps + X2 Project Graffiti Magazine issues 1, 2, 3
q21  You get 3 graffiti art magazines (X2 Project issue 1, X2 Project\]=-` issue 2, X2 Project issue 3) and 100 caps.  Choose 100 caps from New York Outlines, New York Fats, and / or  Rusto fats. 

Quantity (100 caps total):

Infamy dvd + Just for Kicks dvd
Take an intense journey into the dangerous lives and obsessed minds of six of America's most prolific graffiti artists. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Doug Pray (Hype! and Scratch) who teamed up with writer, publisher, and graffiti guru Roger Gastman, the movie takes you deep into the world of street legends Saber, Toomer, Jase, Claw, Earsnot and Enem. With brutal honesty, humor and charisma, these artists reveal why they are so willing to risk everything to spray paint their cities with "tags," "throwups" and full-color murals. You'll also meet Joe "The Graffiti Guerilla" Connolly, a notorious "buffer" who paints out graffiti on his neighborhood's walls with a vengeance matched only by those who vandalized them.
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Just for kicks
Since B-Boys first propelled them out of the New York City playgrounds in the 70's, sneakers have morphed from a tool of athletic performance to a symbol of cool and an object of obsession for collectors. Analyzing this global phenomenon, Just For Kicks is the first film of its kind to present the underlying drivers and players that fueled the global sneakers revolution and its $26 Billion global market. Just For Kicks offers a fun and colorful insider's history of Hip-Hop's most treasured fashion item. `
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